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Empresas de tradução simultânea


Simultaneous translation for events.

It is becoming more and more common that events such as congresses, seminars, collective interviews, sales meetings or video conferencing include international speakers. Transmitting your message is a key factor of success for your events. An SRE simultaneous interpreter will provide superior service, clearly and concisely translating the speaker’s message into Portuguese, English or Spanish. SRE also has qualified partners to handle French, German, Japanese and Italian.

Focus Groups

Simultaneous translation in Focus Groups.

Markets have become more competitive and global in scope, it becomes imperative to listen to what clients have to say about your product. Focus groups can help the executives in your main office understand Brazilian consumers, so that decisions are made based on information that is relevant and realistic in our marketplace. SRE has ample experience translating focus groups.


Tradutora em reunião

Meetings with foreign executives.

Many foreign executives are not fluent in Portuguese. To increase the agility and productivity of their trips to Brazil, they will often use the services of a simultaneous interpreter when meeting with local clients. SRE offers simultaneous translation services and will provide equipment for up to three listeners at no additional cost.



Training provided by foreign instructors.

When you bring a product specialist to train clients and resellers from outside Brazil, SRE’s experience will maximize your investment by making sure that all attendees receive the message in their native language, whether it is Portuguese, English or Spanish.

Tradutor Simultâneo

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What is Simultaneous interpretation?

Simultaneous interpreters sit in sound proof booths, they listen to what the speaker is saying through earphones and repeat the speaker’s words in a different language into microphones connected to participant receivers.

What is Consecutive Interpretation?

In this case the interpreter sits at the conference table and can see and listen to what is going on. Notes are taken while someone speaks and, when he or she is finished or pauses, the interpreter repeats what was said in a different language.

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